Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Confessions of a recovering Rebel

From: cscitizen@windstream.net
To: cdean@al.com


Mr. Dean,
If you are the same Charles Dean I remember from my reenacting days with the Alabama Division of Re-enactors I recall you being a Union Re-enactor at all the events where I saw you. So much for your dreams of a Confederate victory at Gettysburg.
As for your cousins in Illinois it might interest you to know Chicago is considered the Communist Capitol of the Mid-West by the conservatives that live there. Your cousins should be the last ones whose opinions you should be listening too.
I suppose you think it equally terrible that Southerners whose families come from the original British stock in this country should still honor their ancestors of the War of 1812 & the American Revolution as well. Both wars where they fought against some of their relatives just as some did in America`s Civil War. Should we stop honoring those as well because its not considered politically correct today? Should we rewrite all history to suit a few?
Of the dozens of my ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, I had two which fought for the Union. I`m not for erasing their history either even though I disagree with it. As both joined early, I wonder if they were fighting to preserve the Union as was stated in the beginning or to free the slaves As Lincoln claimed in 1863?
From your article on Al.com you would have us believe that, " the only thing wrong with the South is there are too many white Southerners in it," to quote the English King Long-shanks from the movie Braveheart. The Scots lost to, should they stop honoring their ancestors?
As a boy who grew up in West Mobile in the 1950`s - 60`s I think your problem is you are surrounded by liberal yankees & up to your eyeballs with them working for Al.com. A place where they will never accept you unless you accept the 150+ years of Reconstruction brainwashing they are feeding you.
No, according to their plan the South & all of America will not be a liberal, happy utopia until the history of both are rewritten to fit their socialist agenda. This can only be achieved when the last white person is killed or bred out of existence & all the worlds ill`s which, were created by whites are no more.
Hopefully I will not live to see them turn the South & America into just another 3rd world Hell Hole. Until then, I will unabashedly celebrate all my ancestors & the part they played in America`s history & all with no apologies or guilty conscience over the fact a few cannot accept the truth.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.