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From the Trenches: Civil War Trust March 2015

Civil War Trust

Preservation News - March 2015

Hallowed Ground Still Threatened at Brandy Station

Every $1 you give is doubled, securing an additional 33 acres at famed Fleetwood Hill!

From Our President

Jim Lighthizer Photo
March 2015
Dear Fellow Dedicated Preservationist,
I'm afraid I have some bad news to share with you. For the first time in a very long time, the Civil War Trust has not raised enough money on a battlefield appeal to cover our commitment. In January, I sent out an appeal telling you about an opportunity to save 33 additional acres of the historic Fleetwood Hill portion of the Brandy Station battlefield.
I wrote about how important it is to save this hallowed ground to protect the integrity of the hundreds of acres you and I have already saved at Fleetwood Hill. And I told you that the Civil War Trust needed to raise $272,000 - a $2.04-to-$1 match of your generosity - to save this important land. Now, as I sit here at my desk today, I cannot tell for certain if a large number of Civil War Trust members even got my letter.
All I can tell you is that today, we have only raised about $122,000 of the $272,000 we need! Thats only 45%. In my 15-year history as president of the Civil War Trust, this has only happened in a handful of cases, and never before to this extent.
You know that I believe we have a duty to the men who fought and died on this ground to save it, just as you and I have a responsibility to save it for future generations. We have the chance to save hallowed ground, and to double the power of your donation. I pray you agree with me that it would be an irretrievable loss to America if any part of Fleetwood Hill was ever to be bulldozed flat or covered with houses.
- Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

"Buried Where They Fell"

Buried Where They Fell Historian Bud Hall describes the intense battle action that occurred on the "bookend" properties on Fleetwood Hill that the Civil War Trust is currently seeking to preserve.

Park Day 2015

Park Day Get hands-on with preservation and be sure to make your calendars for Park Day! On Saturday, March 28, don't miss the annual event to help maintain Civil War - and now Revolutionary War - battlefields and historic sites across the nation.

Help Close the Gap at Trevilian Station!

Trevilian Station We have an incredible opportunity to save 70 acres at another cavalry battleground: Trevilian Station. Protection of this land will connect previously preserved parts of this battlefield that witnessed heavy action on the second day of fighting.

In4: Black Soldiers in the Civil War

Black Soldiers In another installment in the Trust's In4 video series, historian Hari Jones summarizes the experience of African American Civil War soldiers, from emancipation to their experiences on the battlefield.

2015 Annual Conference: Road to Appomattox

Annual Conference The 2015 Civil War Trust Annual Conference is filling quickly! Join us as we end the 150th anniversary of the Civil War on the road to Appomattox. Register now for the best selection of available tours.

March Civil War Battles

March Civil War Battles Expand your knowledge of the Civil War by learning more about some of the Civil War battles that occurred in the month of March. Access our history articles, photos, maps, and links for the battles listed below.

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Civil War preservation news from around the country
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Your Preservation Legacy

Guide to Legacy Giving
Estate planning can help you make a significant preservation impact without any cost to you during your lifetime.
If you have included the Civil War Trust in your will or as a beneficiary of your estate, please contact our planned giving office at

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