Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Flag for Tampa

To all,

In our continuing effort to honour Confederate soldiers and carry forth the SCV Charge I am thrilled to notify everyone that the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556 has hoisted a new 30 X 50 foot First National Flag at the Confederate Memorial Park in Tampa.

This was made possible with a huge donation from the Florida Order of Confederate Rose and existing funds which a number of you made available earlier this year. I imagine this is the largest Stars & Bars in the country and certainly the Southland. The Rose continues to outdistance all other Ladies organisations when it comes to promoting our heritage through various events and commitment. Special thanks to President Sylvia Darby who responded very quickly when I made her aware of the idea for the First National flag.

This has been a banner year for the Tampa flag site with the addition of three 20 foot poles adorned with rare Confederate flags supplied by individuals who answered the call to duty.

With the Confederate Memorial Wall also completed and unveiled the Early Camp continues to set the pace in the great state of Florida and beyond.

My utmost and sincere thanks to each person and organisation who has given freely with their dollars this year. The challenge for 2015 is to move forward and continue our efforts in a honourable fashion

Forward the Colours and God Save the South

Mike Herring
5th Lt. Commander Florida Division
Gen Jubal A. Early Camp 556