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2014 December Monthly Spotlight

December 2014 Monthly Spotlight

Dear Collector,

Southern Greetings! I hope each of you had a Happy Thanksgiving! With each Monthly Spotlight, our goal is to present a different ConfederateLINKS collection for you to explore. We want each of you to fully understand the benefits of each collection. Our goal is to make available digital versions of important historical documents to allow you the satisfaction of collecting a part of Southern history. It’s one thing to hear about something in a presentation or see a picture in a book, it’s another to read the documents for yourself firsthand. Collecting important historical documents, and reading them for yourself, allows you to form your own opinions, based on truth, rather than what others want you to hear. At ConfederateLINKS, we think that's important.

You are cordially invited to explore this month's SPOTLIGHT and ALL other ConfederateLINKS Collections.

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Monthly Spotlight - December 2014

The Southern Historical Society Papers. The Southern Historical Society Papers is the most trustworthy and comprehensive collection of articles, stories, narratives, reports, anecdotes, and documents representing the Southern cause in The War Between the States (1861-1865). It is truly an amazing collection full of incredible reading!

Organized on May 1st, 1869, by Confederate Major General Dabney H. Maury, The Southern Historical Society Executive Committee established its’ seat and archives in Richmond, Virginia, and established affiliated societies throughout the South. Its’ goal was the collection, classification, preservation, and publication of the facts bearing upon the eventful history created by The War Between the States. The Society wanted to illustrate the nature of the struggle, define the vindicating principles, and mark the stages, which the war was conducted. The Society believed important historical documents were scattered over the whole land and no delay should be suffered in their collection and preservation. The results of The Southern Historical Society’s labors are The Society’s Papers published from 1876 through 1923. There are approximately 18,624 pages contained in forty-four (44) volumes written by Southern soldiers, officers, politicians, and civilians. You’ll find articles on every subject imaginable relating to the struggle for Southern independence; the index itself is one hundred and thirty-nine pages (139 pages) in length!

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