Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Open Letter & Open Report / The Arrival

Dear Ms. Lunelle,
As I made my way up the Leicester Highway don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, with the Southern Cross in hand;  I would be stopped by a young Black man who seem to know a great deal about me. He began to tout what he deemed my most daring episodes; the Historic March Across Dixie, the Stand in Latta, South Carolina with young Candice Hardwick, the March to the Nations Capitol,  and the greatest speech that he ever read coming from a Civil Rights leader: the speech that I gave on the fairgrounds in Columbia, South Carolina on January 8, 2000.

He went on to ask if there was another great speech like that left in me. I told him that until and unless I give the Keynote Speech for Confederate Memorial Day on the Capitol steps in Montgomery, Alabama. at the Confederate Monument in Washington, D.C. , and in the Confederate  Cemetery on the campus of Ole Miss., in Oxford, Mississippi, that I would never be able to answer his question.

Shortly after this encounter, I would be stopped by yet another Black man of middle age who identified himself as a Pastor of a Church not for from where we stood. He wanted to know what message was I trying to convey? After 5 minutes, he told me he would take up the matter of me speaking to his church on Sunday morning.

And lastly on this day, a strange looking vehicle that had written on it;"World Happiness Party", would pull off the road, and a middle aged White man would exist with a very perplexed look on his face. He told me that his organization was one that passed out information about all kinds of things in the body politic that were slanted. I told him to go to my website:southernheritage411.com
And he asked that I go to his: www.worldhappinesparty.com.

As my arms began to ache from so much waving to those who would pass me by, I decided it was time to furl the Christian Cross of St. Andrew for another day. However, a long line of cars would pass, all shouting out my name, and the Rebel Yell. In the last one filled with young men both Black and White; one of the Black men would shout to me : "Way to go HK, lets Rebel up America! It had been a great day in Dixie, one that was filled with the spirits of my Southern family lifted at the site of a loyal Black subject and the symbol that distinguishes us all as Southern:" the Confederate Battle Flag"! God bless you!
                                  Your brother,
                                  Recipient of the H.L.Hunley Award