Tuesday, June 10, 2014

URGENT: June 2014 - Hughes Camp Meeting Details

There was a scheduling snafu by Ernies Restaurant/Kross lounge on the meeting room for this Thursday night. We will still eat at the restaurant as usual around the normal 6 PM, but then will move caddy corner across the street to the Moose Lodge for the meeting at 7 pm. Ernie's was apologetic and helped us line up the Moose Lodge.

To get into the Moose Lodge, enter that building on the South side of the building, the meeting room is on the second floor, The only real requirement from the moose lodge is that we buy and drink some beer! The address is 510 1/2 N. Sterling Ave. It's at the same intersection as Ernies, just caddy corner accross the street, to the south west. But basically across the street!

Larry Yeatman
Adjutant-Hughes Camp