Friday, June 6, 2014

The Principles And Values The CSA Flag Represents

SHNV Compatriots,
The Albany Georgia SCV Camp will hold a Flag dedication Ceremony as noted in the article posted below. Three Southwest Georgia newspapers are printing my article posted below.
James W. King
Albany GA. SCV Camp Commander
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson Camp 141

A flag dedication ceremony will be held on location Saturday May 31 at 9AM by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization on behalf of the Confederate Battle Flag flying beside highway U.S.19 in north Mitchell County just south of Baconton Georgia. As part of the Georgia SCV "Flags Across Georgia" project, the 12 ft. x  !5 ft. flag was installed on a 55 ft .flagpole this past January. This flag increases the number of Confederate Battle Flags installed by SCV to 11 in the state of Georgia, all of which are located at highly visible locations beside major highways on private property.
The installation of the flag was a project of Albany Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141 Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson and was funded by the Georgia SCV Division partially by funds received from the sale of specialty vehicle tags that bear the SCV emblem and Confederate Battle Flag. A new tag design became available this year and statewide sales of the specialty license plate have significantly increased. Baconton resident George Davis who is a member of the Albany SCV Camp leased the location to the SCV at no charge.
Albany SCV camp commander James W. King will deliver the keynote speech at the dedication ceremony. The public is invited to attend and join SCV and UDC members from all areas of southwest Georgia for the dedication ceremony.
The Confederate Battle Flag serves as a reminder of the principles and values America was founded upon by the founding fathers, who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia, and has the same meaning as the original U.S. Betsy Ross flag. America was founded as a Constitutional Federal Republic composed of a limited Federal government and sovereign states. The four principles and values represented by both the Confederate flag and the U.S. Betsy Ross flag are 1.-Limited Constitutional Federal Government 2.-States' Rights' 3.-Resistance to Tyranny, and 4.-Christian Values and Principles. As America experiments with Socialism and Secular Humanism (the belief that there is no God and that man, science, and government can solve all problems), the Confederate Battle Flag and the Betsy Ross Flag serve as daily reminders of those principles and values. Both flags are 180 degrees diametrically opposed to Socialism and Secular Humanism. In this respect the Confederate flag serves as the keystone, sheet anchor, and guardian of the principles America was founded upon.
The Confederate Battle Flag is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" by people unfamiliar with flag design and nomenclature. There are actually five major different Confederate flags 1. - Bonnie Blue (unofficial) 2.-First National Stars and Bars 3.-Second National 4.- Third National and 5.-Battle Flag.  While the Battle Flag was incorporated as part of the design of the 2nd and 3rd National it was not the official flag of the Confederate government. It was the soldiers flag based on the blue X Cross of St. Andrew flag of Scotland. After the Battle of 1st Manassas (Bull Run) on July 21, 1861 it was decided that a new Confederate flag would be designed for use by Confederate soldiers because the "Stars and Bars" flag looked too similar to the U.S. flag and resulted in confusion by soldiers of both the Confederacy and the Union.
The Confederate Battle Flag has been controversial for many years because of misuse and abuse by racist groups including the KKK and Skinheads but these same groups have also abused and misused the U.S. Flag the "Stars and Stripes". The U.S. Flag is actually the official flag of the KKK. The Sons of Confederate Veterans organization in national convention in 2006 passed a resolution condemning the use, misuse, and abuse of the Confederate flag by such groups.
The Confederate flag and the U.S. flag are held to different levels of accountability. The U.S. flag gets a complete pass and the Confederate flag is berated, disparaged, and condemned. Yet the U.S. 'Stars and Stripes" has far more baggage. It flew over slave ships for many years going to and from Africa as well as the genocide and near extermination of the Native American Indians. Neither the Confederate flag nor the flags of any southern colony or state ever flew over any slave ship. The Confederate Battle Flag is not and has never been a racist flag. But it has been the victim of one of America's most successful "Smear Campaigns" by dishonest northern socialist historians. Black Americans have been especially susceptible to indoctrination by these biased northern propagandists. They have been told that the Confederate flag represents racism, bigotry, and a painful reminder of slavery.
Confederate soldiers fought to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights and for government of, for, and by the people. In contrast the Civil War was planned by northern socialists and supported by the infamous European socialist Karl Marx for the purpose of changing America from a Republic to a Socialist nation. After the failed European Socialist revolution of 1848 thousands of Socialist Germans came to New York City. They joined with American Socialists and various other radicals and fanatics to form the Republican Party in 1854. The Ft. Sumter incident was a setup so that the war could be blamed on the south. The Confederate States of America fought to preserve States' Rights' and in resistance to an unfair sectional tariff tax and in defense of their homes and states from the ruthless unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral invasion by U.S. armies under the misguided direction of Socialist and Atheist Abraham Lincoln. Slavery was already a dying institution before the "War of Northern Aggression" or "War for Southern Independence" (Civil War) but slavery has been the weapon of choice used by these northern propagandists in their attacks on the Confederate flag and the Confederate States of America.. The SCV GA. Division has produced a CD "The Truth Concerning The Confederate Flag" which gives a 55 minute speech telling the truth, history, and facts about the Confederate Battle Flag. It will be available free of charge at the flag dedication ceremony.