Sunday, January 27, 2013


In 2003, Southern Americans showed up in force to protest the removal of the flags at Higginsville and Pilot Knob Missouri.

Lets be clear: I stood by with compartiots..Gene Dressel, & Neil Block..on March 2003 and  we where at that time the ONLY ones who did this.  We knew we could have went to jail that night..

You guys might carry this conversation on the e-mail for a long time and maybe not but just to set the record straight I want you all to know I was a part of it and proud of IT.!  So proud in fact this picture/flag below is hanging on my wall to this day!  It is very dusty …and an important memory that means a very lot to me.. !!  what we done back then made a difference and as the old saying goes.. “The proof is in the pudding”
Gephardt is NO longer in the running for ‘nothing’!  IN fact he is a forgotten politician.

I’m very happy to be a part of putting this man down.  Some may not agree but that is your given right.  But you can see what happens when action is taken.  My name is Dan “Nohorses” Ballew and I done the fight when called with those compatriots who asked and I am tired now and getting old and can not do as much as I would want to do that needs done.  So I call on those who can to take up the Flag and do it again so we can get rid of those today like Gephardt.

My last thought is simple,  we done what we thought needed to be done then. And we made a ‘statement’ that got Press and the results speaks for it’self to this day…

This is what Soldiers do…sorry for carrying on but the truth is the truth…

Dan “Nohorses’ Ballew
Poverty Knob, MO…..out