Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Civil War's First Blood: Missouri 1854-1861

The Civil War's First Blood: Missouri 1854-1861

Presented by:
James Denny and John Bradbury

Publish Date:
November 8, 2007

Presentation Length:
1 hour 21 minutes 16 seconds (1:21:16)

During the 1850s, as arguments over states' rights and slavery escalated, Missouri became one of the most highly volatile regions in the nation. Friends, families and neighbors often found themselves on opposite sides because of the strong ties Missouri had with both the North and the South. The Civil War's First Blood explains the political atmosphere in Missouri prior to the Civil War and the divided loyalties of its citizens. Authors John Bradbury and James Denny discuss the complicated role Missouri played during the first year of the Civil War, key political and military figures involved, military operations carried on throughout the state and the effects of the war on Missourians during the early part of the conflict. Bradbury and Denny tell the story of the tragic and violent part Missouri played in the beginning of the struggle that tore the nation apart.