Saturday, December 22, 2012

SCV Telegraph- more on Lincoln movie

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You're all familiar with the axiom, "If life gives you lemons..." or the more contemporary, "Never waste a crisis." So it is with the Spielberg'sLincoln. While we are chagrined to see the further veneration of one who so callously trampled the Constitution and caused an unparallelled loss of American lives, it does create a teachable moment in the lives of our friends that might have been intellectually victimized with bad history.
If the film has sparked some interest in history, please share the linked document with them. It is a PDF version of the essay by Donnie Kennedy in the current Confederate Veteran. 
It will correct their historical bearings, helping them to not only understand events of a century and a half past, but the current political dynamic, as well. It might even work as a recruiting tool.
Like you, I have observed much good information about Lincoln going around on e-mail. However, we don't need to overlook what is right under our nose -- and this way, you don't have to hand over your magazine or cut out the article. While I have your attention, let me encourage you to look for these brilliant essays in each issue -- they are goldmine of good information.
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