Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elliotts Scouts 2013: ANNUAL MEETING POA (Plan Of Action)

I wanted to follow up on our conversation this evening. This email provides information for Elliotts Scouts Annual Meeting and you are invited to join us. Its a good opportunity to meet some of the men and see if it is something you would like to do. No better way to enjoy the 150th Civil War Events. If you have any questions let me know but this is a great way to start out.


Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 16:44:21 -0500

Fellow Troopers, Ladies, and Friends of the Battalion,

   Here is the POA for our Campaign Season 2013 Annual Meeting

  1. GENERAL SITUATION. Due to activity conflicts, our Annual Meeting will not take place in January 2013. It is now scheduled for  Saturday, 9 February 2013, 1100 hrs - UTC (Until Completed). During this meeting, we will address (but are not limited to...) the following major subjects.
      a. Election of Battalion Officers and NCOs.
      b. Review of the 2012 Campaign Season - what do we sustain, and where do we need improvement.
      c. Formally establish the 2013 Campaign Season calendar.
      d. Discuss/Determine recommended changes to the 2006 By-Laws and Articles of War.
      e. Formally welcome/recognize new troopers/ladies to the Battalion.


3. IMPRESSIONS. All troopers will come in one of our historically-correct period impressions: MSG, Guerrilla, Federal MSM, Confederate Cavalry, etc. Ladies are also requested to come in period attire.

4. WEAPONRY. Your long weapon and the sidearms/bladed weapons appropriate to your impression. DO NOT bring loaded weapons.

5. AMMUNITION. N/A - There will be no weapons firing at this event. 

6. VITTLES. There will be no formal meal during this meeting. All personnel are requested to bring snacks, finger foods, desserts, etc. Drinks and ice will be provided at the Fellowship Center.

7. CAMPSITE. The meeting will take place at the Ray County Fellowship Center (Ray County Fair Grounds). The address is 1015 West Royle Street, Richmond MO 64085.

8. DIRECTIONS. Richmond is approximately 45 minutes due west of KCMO via MO Hwy 210.


10. FIRST FORMATION. This meeting will begin 1100 hrs and continue until completion that evening.  All personnel are expected to arrive on time.

11. PARKING. Parking is available at the meeting site.

      a. This is a MAX EFFORT event for all battalion personnel. If you cannot attend this meeting, notify MAJ Sam Stanton as soon as possible.
      b. If you want a particular subject/issue addressed at this meeting, send it directly to MAJ Stanton via email or by phone.
      c. Any deviation from the guidance outlined in this POA requires the approval of the Battalion Commander, MAJ Stanton.

See you all There!

1LT Greg Q 

"The Advance Never Retreats!"