Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Message from Commander Maples - Missouri State Guard Flag Lapel Pins

I have received the Missouri State Guard Flag Lapel Pins, and I am VERY pleased with the quality.  I will have them at the Lee-Jackson Dinner, but if anyone wants to receive them before then, I can probably get them sent to you for a total of $12.  This amount would be $10 for the pin itself, and $2 additionally which would cover the cost of a bubblewrap envelope and the mailing cost.  I can also just put one or more down in your name and hold them for you.  Some of you have already received a note of this type from me and have indicated that you would like for me to hold a pin for you, that is still no problem whatsoever, but if you'd like to receive it right away, we can do that too.
If you or any of your camp members would like a pin right away, please send $10 for the pin(s) - check or cash is fine, but then please send $2 cash if you don't mind in addition to cover the cost of the mailing envelope and postage... that way I can just buy the mailing envelopes and mail the pin(s) to you directly, which will make record keeping at the MO Division level much easier.
Make checks payable to:  MISSOURI DIVISION - SCV
Again, the lapel pins are the Missuori State Guard Flag - blue field and gold Missouri Seal - often referred to as the "Bear Flag". 
Many thanks,
Darrell L. Maples - Commander
Missouri Division - SCV