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SCV Telegraph- Hero Dogs, Inc. Declines SCV Support

   Sons of Confederate Veterans

SCV members in Maryland made a $482.91 contribution to Hero Dogs Inc. on February 20, 2014. The organization obtains working dogs for Disabled American Veterans. The organization's Board President, Desma J. Wade USMC veteran and Jennifer Lund, PhD Executive Director signed a letter six months later, on August 26, 2014, which was sent to SCV GHQ returning the check and rejecting the contribution stating: "In keeping with Hero Dog's gift acceptance policy, our Board of Directors and members of our Development Committee made the decision to respectfully decline being one of the beneficiaries of the Sons of Confederate Veterans."

Chief of Heritage Operations, Ben L. Jones, wrote the letter below which was dispatched to Hero Dogs Inc. by overnight mail on September 3, 2014. This letter is being made public on September 4, 2014 at which time it will be distributed to many media outlets.

Contact information for this group is:

Hero Dogs, Inc.
P O Box 64
Brookeville MD 20833-0064
(888) 570-8653

Please be polite and well-mannered in any contact made.

September 3, 2014


Dear Desma J. Wade and Jennifer Lund,

Recently, members of our organization, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), made a contribution to your organization in the amount of $482.91, to assist in your work of finding companion and service dogs for American military veterans who need such assistance. A number of our members in Maryland helped to raise that modest contribution and gave of their time and money in doing so. Today that cashier's check was returned to us at our National Headquarters in Columbia, Tennessee with a brief note which says that your Board of Directors and members of your development committee had made a decision to "respectfully decline" being one of our "beneficiaries ". Your signatures were beneath .

There was no reason given for turning down this heartfelt gift. We, who have so many military veterans in our organization , cannot understand why you have done this. Without even the courtesy of an explanation, we do not feel that you have "respectfully " declined our gift, but indeed you have "disrespectfully" declined it. To us, this is an unconscionable insult to our historic and honorable heritage organization, and an insult to those whom you represent yourselves as serving, our wounded veterans . Your "decision" was gratuitous and terribly uninformed.

Sons of Confederate Veterans is one of our nation 's oldest and largest heritage and genealogical groups. We were founded in 1896 and represent male direct descendants of those who fought in the American War Between The States. Our sole purpose is to commemorate and honor our ancestors. Currently there are 30,000 members throughout the United States and abroad.

There are more than 65 million American descendants of the armed forces of the Confederacy. We have served our nation in many ways. In every conflict in our nation's history we have sacrificed all to protect and defend our great nation.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans deplores the use of our forefathers ' symbols by racist and "hate groups". We find these actions to be a desecration. These bigoted displays dishonor our ancestors.

Your insulting refusal to accept our caring generosity also dishonors our ancestors. But perhaps worse, you have withheld badly needed assistance from American veterans because of someone 's apparent fixation with "political correctness." This is sickeningly wrong-headed.

You will find no more patriotic Americans than the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And we always stand willing to help America 's veterans in every way. Given your decision, it remains to be seen if you share that same willingness.

Ben L. Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Ben Jones' great grandfathers Isaac Lane and Harley Jenrette fought with the Army of Northern Virginia.

Jones served two terms in the United States Congress, where he was a member of the Veterans Committee. There he was instrumental in getting compensation for veterans who suffered from the effects of Agent Orange. A writer, businessman, and entertainer, Jones is well known for his portrayal of "Cooter" the mechanic on the ever-popular "Dukes of Hazzard".

Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans 

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