Friday, February 1, 2013

General Jo Shelby

A bit of history. I ran across the video interview of Gen Jo Shelby's descendant and thought you may be interested. Several of us last October on the Quantrill Society Reunion Tour visited the Confederate Monument and Shelby's grave in Forest Hill Cemetery. My grandparents and dad are buried just down the hill. My Grandmother and dad were descendants of the William Gabbert in Vernon County (Guerrillas and Confederates).

The descendant discusses Shelby's great grandfather Isaac Shelby the 1st Governor of Kentucky and hero of King's Mountain during the American Revolution. William Gabbert's grandfather was Charles DePauw, one of 220 French hussars (light cavalry) who came to American during the American Revolution under Rochambeau.

After the American Revolution in Kentucky Charles DePauw was working with General George Rogers Clark to overthrow the Spanish in New Orleans with money from the French. The Spanish complained to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wrote dispatches to Gov Isaac Shelby to detain DePauw from attacking New Orleans and use the Militia if necessary. Shelby wrote back that Kentucky was an open frontier and people come and go all of the time so he couldn't detain DePauw and addition Charles DePauw was his friend. DePauw and Shelby joined in the War of 1812 together.

Of course there is a lot more to the story but I found it most interesting that the men that founded the United States as rebels in the American Revolution had grandsons that were rebels in Missouri. History is everywhere.

Hope to see everyone at the Scouts Meeting next weekend.

Trooper Bob Capps