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Fw: SCV Telegraph- February is National Recruiting Month

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February is National Recruiting Month!

There is NO better month to PUSH recruiting; as an individual, as a Camp, or as a Division!!

The National "Proration" membership policy makes February the very BEST month to recruit new members to our organization! Check the "explanation" of the program at Become familiar with it and USE IT! Reinstating former members are also eligible for the prorated dues structure which is another incentive to sign up our former members living in your community.

There is no better time for a new recruit or a returning delinquent member to get the "best bang for his buck!" This means that for a total of $50, he will be paid in full until July 31, 2014, and receive nine issues of the Confederate Veteran magazine and membership privileges!
The prorated dues amount decreases on May 1st as our fiscal year winds down but of course the bargain benefits do as well! NOW is the time to do it!

Divisions, Camps or possibly individual members may even want to offer to pay the proration fee as an additional incentive to recruitment! NOW is the time to begin Camp and Division recruiting contests, as there is no better time to recruit or to simply give that gift membership that you always meant to give.

If YOU don't make use of this GREAT recruiting tool you're missing the very best opportunity we have to offer during the year!

"Every MEMBER, Recruit A MEMBER!"
Let's DOUBLE the membership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans!

Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Lt. Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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