Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saving More at Franklin

Civil War Trust

Save Franklin
We now have an exciting opportunity to secure three key battlefield tracts at Franklin, Tennessee - including the much anticipated "strip center" tract which sits at the very center of the battlefield!
Donors who give $100 or more will have their names added to a permanent battlefield marker at Franklin
On November 30, 1864, Confederate soldiers under the command of Patrick Cleburne, Hiram Granbury, and Francis Cockrell were locked in a savage struggle with men from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky - on this very ground.
Today the "strip center" tract sports a Domino's Pizza and an old market advertising cheap beer. But through the joint efforts of the Trust and our friends at Franklin's Charge, the tract is now available for purchase. With your generous help, we can reclaim this bloody section of the Franklin battlefield - land where hundreds, including Brig. Gen. Hiram Granbury, died. By raising $339,000 the Trust will ensure that this ground begins its journey back to being battlefield land and become one of the Trust's greatest accomplishments. As we have done elsewhere at Franklin, let's reclaim this hallowed ground.
Satellite Map
And to learn more about the Battle of Franklin please visit our updated page: Civilwar.org/Franklin »

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