Monday, November 5, 2012

Heritage Rally 2013- Reenactors

   Sons of Confederate Veterans
SCV  Telegraph

If you are coming as a reenactor to the 2013 Heritage Rally, goods news, we can shoot! You may come as a company or just fall as an individual. Just make sure your loads and gear can pass the usual inspections. All rifles will fall under the overall command of the commander of the reenactment corps.
Artillery is welcome and will be able to fire as well. However we need to know in advance how many guns are coming in order to fix the line. Therefore any one bringing a cannon will need to register first with the commander of the reenactment corps. Also because of the limited entrances, all pieces will need to be placed the day before the event. The event is Saturday March 16, so on Friday march 15th is when you will need to be there to set up and move vehicles and trailers to the nearby parking location.
Feel free to send this to those may need this information.
For information on this, or to register artillery contact
Paul Gramling
Heritage Rally Reenactor Commander