Monday, September 24, 2012

The petition for the Forrest Monument

Selma Alabama
Compatriots I received this email today and many of you may have too that signed the petition for the Forrest Monument.
Since Malika started her petition on, over 300,000 people have joined the call to stop construction of a new monument to one of the first leaders of the Ku Klux Klan in Selma, Alabama. Journalists from The New York Times, NBC, and dozens of other news outlets have covered the story. And town residents have literally laid on the ground around the monument to prevent a new foundation from being poured.
This Tuesday, Selma's city council will meet and may make a final decision on whether to take the monument down from public property -- and Malika will lead a march with supporters of her campaign and deliver petition signatures to town officials. Will you join her?
Here are the details for the event:
WHEN: Tuesday, September 25 2:30pm-5pm
WHERE: The march starts at the base of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, and ends at City Hall.
In an interview this week, Malika described why the monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the KKK, has sparked such an outcry in Selma: "They're celebrating his philosophy... They're celebrating what he has done in terms of keeping black people 'in their place.'"
Partners including Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Rainbow/PUSH will be joining Malika for the march and delivery -- and Malika says getting as many people as possible to help deliver the petition to Selma's city council will be critical to winning this campaign, because Selma's city council president is currently a supporter of keeping the monument.
Click here to RSVP on Facebook for the march this Tuesday to deliver more than 300,000 signatures to demand the removal of a monument celebrating a KKK leader.
(Note that you do not need to RSVP in order to attend!)
Thanks, and I hope you'll join us on Tuesday.
- William and the team
Yours in Dixie!
Mike Williams
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