Monday, September 17, 2012

Cobwebs in your attic

Cobwebs in your attic
Mr McLeod;
In regards to your comments, specifically the following:
"If someone gets pissed off because a flag used by a country — the Confederacy — that wanted to keep people in slavery on public property offends them, then take it down and celebrate your heritage elsewhere. In this country no one can take away your heritage, and losing this battle is not the start down a slippery slope that will lead to that happening."
You do know the cemetery in Mexic o City that contains the graves of American soldiers who fought in the wars against Mexico pisses off the Mexicans. Moreso because of the US Flag that flies over the graves of American Veterans.
We should just tear down our flag and dig up the graves so Mexicans can sleep easier at night, right? 
You do know the huge Muslum population in France is pissed off at the US Flag that flies over the American soldiers in Normandy. They are really pissed off cause they are just Americans - the Infidels, and that US Flag really pisses them off.
Reckon we just allow the Muslums to tear down the flag and pave over the graves so they can chant to Allah a little less loudly? right?
I understand progressive means to spit on American Veterans, and yes, Confederate soldiers are American Veterans. How cool was it to harrass Viet Nam Veterans? To spit on them and call them baby killers? Well the Confederate Veterans have taken their place in our society's mentality.
Traitors, Nazis, Terrorists... Others like to just say "it pisses off other people" 
This whole sad affair was the doing of Lawyer Bob Clark. He was just SO offended. He had to repeatedly return to the little granite marker for Confederate Veterans to get his daily dose of "pissed off"  He even managed to get 19 others in all of North Carolina to sign his petition of hate and discrimination. He too is a progressive! Keeping that fix of 'pissed off' replaced his regular life routine for almost 2 years. Addicted to being a hater of American Veterans.
I bet you were signer #2 on his petition!
If you and Lawyer Bob would just stop with the hate and social engineering, life would return to normal real quick. Perhaps Lawyer Bob is losing clients and needs his shot of 15 fame moments? Perhaps your career in the media is slipping and you need a Cause Celebre? A sure way to write another 5 columns for job security!
I will pray for your soul
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Carrollton Ga