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Antietam 150: New App, New Map, 360, and More

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150th Anniversary

Commemorating Antietam on its 150th

Few battles can match the Battle of Antietam for its strategic significance to the American Civil War. Not only did this battle end Robert E. Lee's invasion of Maryland in 1862, but the battle became America's single bloodiest day of combat. Abraham Lincoln also claimed this battle as a victory and subsequently issued his Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation - a document that would change the very nature of the war. We hope that all Americans will use this anniversary as a time to learn more about the Battle of Antietam and its significance to our American history.
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Antietam Battle App

The Antietam Battle App

The Civil War Trust is proud to announce the release of our new Antietam Battle App. This free GPS-enabled touring application will help guide you to all the great historical spots on the Antietam battlefield. Access our virtual signs, historian videos, primary source audio accounts, and detailed reference material. Our new Field Glasses AR viewer will also help you find key landmarks on the battlefield.
Antietam Animated Map

The Antietam Animated Map

Check out our brand new Antietam Animated Map. This rich presentation will help the viewer to better understand the strategic challenges facing both North and South during the 1862 Maryland Campaign. Watch the attacks at the Cornfield, West Woods, Sunken Road, and Burnside's Bridge unfold before your eyes in vivid detail. Our "Explore" mode will allow you to click on various battlefield points of interest as well.
Antietam 360

Antietam 360

Second only to a battlefield visit itself, our Antietam 360 offering will help you to see the battlefield through beautiful panoramic images. On each panorama is a wealth of clickable points of interest and historian videos that will help you to better understand the historic landscape at Antietam. Wander the battlefield digitally - all the panoramas are linked together so that you can travel from the North Woods through the Cornfield and Sunken Road to the final attacks near the town of Sharpsburg itself.
Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation

Despite being a battlefield draw, Abraham Lincoln seized upon the Union victory at Antietam as the opportunity to finally deliver his Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. This important document fundamentally changed the nature of the Civil War and would bring about the enlistment of African-American soldiers in the Union army. Learn more about the Emancipation Proclamation in our new and expanded Emancipation Proclamation page. Historian videos, history articles, lesson plans, images, quizzes, recommended books, and other primary source material is all just a click away.
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