Monday, October 31, 2016

Passing of Hughes Camp's Former Commander Tim Apgar

Dear Missouri Division and Hughes Camp Compatriots,

As Darrell Maples reported yesterday, Tim Apgar passed away yesterday after his long battle with Leukemia. Let's all keep his family in our thoughts and prayers, to include his wife Sue, Daughter Mindy, sister in law and UDC member Trish Spencer, and brother in law and Hughes Camp member Jerry Spencer.

Tim was a long time Commander of Hughes Camp. My time frame is rough, but he served Hughes Camp in that capacity from about 2006 until around 2012-when he retired from Independence Power and Light and retired to the lake area, living  in Versailles, Missouri. His wife Sue was a born and bred Versailles person I believe, and her mother, Rita Hammand, lived there until this last May when she passed away. Rita was a long time UDC member. Tim and Sue were able to be close to Rita to cae for her in her later years.

Tim was a staunch defender of our Confederate history. Tim was a new member to the SCV in 2005 or 2006, when Hughes Camp was in need of a new Commander. New member or not, Tim was willing to jump in and volunteer to run for that position. As a Commander, he was a consummate professional and his managerial skills from Independence Power and Light helped him in running a well organized Hughes Camp ship. Our membership blossomed under his Command, growing 20 members or so to well over 60.

Tim attended nearly all functions such as the Reunions, Lee Jackson and Secession Day Dinners. He was also a great financial supporter of our Camp and Heritage Defense Fund efforts. Tim went the extra mile for our organizations.

Tim spearheaded a grave marking project at Woodlawn Cemetery in Independence, where the camp marked over 20 Confederate Graves. His research of who needed markers was extensive. He worked well with the cemetery sextant there. Woodlawn is owned by the city of Independence, and Tim's strong Independence ties to the city aided greatly in us obtaining that level of cooperation.

After Commander retirement, Tim served as a Western Brigade Commander I believe.

Tim's funeral will be in Versailles, Missouri. The arrangements are not final yet but will be handled by Kidwell -Garber funeral home in Versailles. Tim will be buried in the cemetery that is on W Hwy as you head south out of Versailles. It's maybe 3/4's of a mile south of the square. Tim always joked to me that his cemetery plot there was their future lake home!

We will know tomorrow what days etc the funeral will be. I'm thinking somewhere between Tuesday to Thursday this week. Jerry Spencer told me yesterday that since Tim was not a suit and tie guy, Sue is thinking about burying Tim in his Confederate Frock Coat and embroidered shirt she had made him, along with his slouch hat. They do plan on having Confederate Flags present. I asked Jerry, if he thought Tim might like a Confederate Honor Guard volley salute. Jerry is going to ask Sue and Mindy about that.

I have often wondered if an honor guard salute would be appropriate for us SCV guys at our funerals. On one hand, we are not Confederate Soldiers, but on the other hand, we have done a good job of honoring our Confederate soldiers, and if it has been our life and passion to defend our heritage, I believe our Confederate Ancestors would be proud to have us do that for our members, as that still keeps their traditions and memory alive.

So, while I don't know if it is wanted yet for sure, I'm looking for 4 plus volunteers that have uniforms and can handle a musket firing, to volunteer for this duty, as honor guard. If you can do that somewhere along the line of midweek, please respond to me, then I'll keep you posted from there.

God Bless Tim and his family.

Sincerely yours,
Larry Yeatman, Adjutant, Hughes Camp 614