Monday, November 2, 2015

Re: Rand Paul Campaign


Dear all:

Regarding Pastor Atwoods' observations about the Rand Paul campaign:  yes, I think he has hurt himself very badly by pandering to people who would not have voted for him anyway.  I myself was a supporter of Dr. Paul when he was running for Senate in Kentucky, and in his campaign for the presidency.  However, after he came out attacking all things Confederate, I contacted his campaign with a message of disgust, removed his bumper sticker from my vehicle, and removed my email from his campaign list.

Another individual, Matt Bevin - running for Governor of Kentucky - has hurt himself in a similar way.  He has been a "Tea Party" candidate, an advocate of small government.  And I have enthusiastically supported him in the past.  However, this summer, he was one of the first politicians in Kentucky asking for the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue in the rotunda of our state capitol.  I have also been in contact with his campaign, and have also indicated I would not - could not - support him any longer.  I think he will lose the Governor's race to a radical liberal.

How sad when politicians literally ostracize their strongest supporters in order to pander to political correctness, to try to "make points" with people who have shown them nothing but disdain.

What is wrong with these politicians?  It is mind-boggling.

John M. Brown