Thursday, September 10, 2015

Help Rescind the Shrine Potentate's Order

   Sons of Confederate                                            Veterans
Compatriots and friends,
On 10th day of August, 2015 Jerry G. Gantt, Imperial Potentate of Shriners International issued Special Order #4 prohibiting any Shriner (in an official capacity), or Shrine unit to display a Confederate flag in public or in private,  including in Shrine temples, AND prohibits any Shriner (in official capacity) to participate in ANY event where a Confederate flag is displayed.

This Special Order is a slap in the face to the 70,000,000 descendants of Confederate Veterans (also now considered by Federal law to be US Veterans) whose forbearers loved, served and were protected by the Southern Cross.
But, the consequences of this action are anticipated to be farther reaching than just the Shriners.  We anticipate parade organizers, and other groups to refer to this Order as a reason that a Confederate Flag should not be displayed at their event(s) or in their Fraternal, Veteran, or Civic Association halls.

In short, this Order MUST be rescinded, now!  We must make our voices heard.
Here are a couple of quick actions you can take today to help:

1.     Sign a petition here.

2.    Forward the petition on to your friends, family, fellow camp members, and fellow veterans, and ask them to sign, including sharing on your social media.

3.    If you are a Mason or Shriner, you can let your Worshipful Master, Potentate, or York or Scottish Rite Bretheren know that you are unhappy with this disharmonious action.

4.    Contact IP Gantt and share your opinion.  His Executive VP is John Piland at 813-281-0300 x 7637 e-mail:

Tell the Imperial Potentate to rescind his order! Although the good works of the Shriners are appreciated, Potentate Gantt's action is disrespecting your family and that you are offended, and that he should re-consider his decision.

For more information please contact David McCallister, Florida Heritage Operations Chairman at 813-778-1202 or

Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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